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Metavari - "Tetra A.D." 12" LP / CS

First Pressing:
52 Clear LPs w/ Metallic Gold Screen Print On B-Side
34 Cassettes w/ White Shell & Screen Printed J-Cards

Second Pressing:
48 Clear/Black Splatter LPs w/ Metallic Gold Screen Print On B-Side

Tetra A.D. is the next installment from Fort Wayne, Indiana's synth-pop duo Metavari. Continuing to delve further and further into the realm of experimental, electronic soundtrack-scaping, Tetra A.D. serves as the perfect precursor to their scheduled 2017 output!

There are 5 electronic instrumental jams on this EP and a quick (but incredible) redention of Paul McCartney's "Be What You See." The vinyl version of this EP is pressed on clear vinyl with a screen printed b-side in order to help preserve the continuity and flow of the track listing and the cassette version plays the full recording from start to finish on both sides for the same reason.

Both the LP jacket and the J-Card for the cassettes were screen printed by hand here at MOMR with the beautiful artwork designed by Nate Utesch from the band.

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