Day In Day Out/Due North
Split 7"

Details TBA

Bad Rabbits
"Stick Up Kids" EP 10"

Details TBA

Mind Over Matter Records is an independent record label, obviously.

What may not be so obvious is our extreme passion for keeping music alive in the form of physical media. Rather than sitting back and watching as digital downloads continue to dominate the music industry, we have decided to take matters into our own hands by creating an outlet for artists (and even other labels) to create packaging and musical releases that are worth having in your personal collection.

This is the type of shit that you just can't download. No matter what.

While focusing mainly on vinyl, we pride ourselves in being limitless and without any type of restaint. No matter what genre, no matter how crazy the idea, we aim to be the first name in collectable, small-run pressings. The sky is the limit.

So if you're an artist who is looking for a very special hand-crafted version of a tour 7" that you're planning on putting out, or if you're just looking to appeal to your vinyl collecting fanbase with a hand-numbered pressing give us a shout...it'd be our pleasure.

- Mind Over Matter