"Exit Wounds"
Limited to 500 copies on vinyl
5 Different Variants Available
Also On Limited Edition Cassette

Brett Detar
"Too Free To Live" 2xLP
Limited to 100 copies
2x12" repress of the now OOP
version released in 2014
Details TBA

"Samus Octology"
Limited to 300 copies
12" vinyl pressing for the first
time ever!
Details TBA

Any record collector knows how much fun it can be to get your hands on almost any test pressing, and we take ours very seriously. Here, we will keep a complete catalogue of the little extra step that we take with our test pressings to make them as special and unique as they are - and to also help them stand out as another variant within any pressing. We will feature not only our tests, but also those for other labels/bands that we have created artwork for.

Labels and Artists:
We also specialize in small run screen prints, so if you're interested in having some cheap/free art
printed for your tests, please drop us a line: info@mindovermatterrecords.com

A three color screen print on water color paper (simply for the additional texture) utilizing more artwork borrowed from the original CD release. We loved this artwork, but it wouldn't work for the full release, so it made sense to include it with the tests. These tests were numbered on the label of the record.

Since the numbering wasn't happening on the outside of the jacket, we wanted to do something a little cooler. We finished up printing all of the jackets and mailed them to Florida to have them signed by the entire band!
More coming soon!