Moraine | Pensive Video

Please join me in welcoming Moraine to the Mind Over Matter family! This Baltimore quartet cooks up some incredible alt-rock tinged post hardcore with riffs and hooks for days. Their debut album Design Build Maintain will be available everywhere on June 21st and you can check out the lead single right now!

Order a copy of Design Build Maintain now and watch the music video for Pensive below:

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If He Dies He Dies | Judas

Our friends in If He Dies He Dies have been a part of the Mind Over Matter circle long before Mind Over Matter even existed. After decades of friendship and our musical journeys overlapping, we get to present the first bit of IFFY ephemera that gest to be played on a record player! Celebrating their first new music in nearly 20 years, join us for the sights and sounds of Judas.

Order the limited edition 7" for the Judas single below:

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Dad Hats | Claustrophobia

We are moving right along into 2024 with a music video from Dad Hats to accompany a vinyl repress of Spill!

Since Spill has been out of print for several months now, we are excited to keep it handy for those who might've missed out. Upon the original release of the album, it was clear that Claustrophobia was a fan favorite, so we talked the band into doing just one more video before they got back to work on LP3. If you poke around, you'll also find we did a super limited 7" with a brand new track on the b-side. Enjoy!

Order the repress of Spill now and watch the music video for Claustrophobia below:

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Time Pieces | Boundary Problems

Time Pieces features members of Minus The Bear, Ghost Work, Band of Horses, and Six Parts Seven (among others) who teamed up during the pandemic to create a beautiful little capsule of midwestern-centric indie rock. This new pressing is limited to only 105 copies and features a lot of really cool details.

Pre-order now and watch the music video below:

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Kai Mark | My Sweet Bird

The midst of frigid winter season is perfect timing for some real bummer music. The soundtrack to your seasonal affective disorder comes from Kai Mark, the pseudonym by which Bryan Louie (The Twin, Heavy Vessel, Joshua Fit For Battle) has chosen to strip down his sound to an exercise in minimalism. It's dark, it's sad, and the full Doll EP will be everywhere on February 23rd. My Sweet Bird is the perfect starting place to introduce Kai Mark to the world.

Pre-order now and watch the haunting music video below:

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Shadyside | Higher Plans

After nearly 20 years since their last release, Shadyside have returned with a killer new EP titled Higher Plans. We are kicking things off with a brand new song (When The Fear Hits) and you can now reserve yourself a copy of the limited vinyl options. These are expected to ship in mid-November.

Pre-order now and view the incredible variant options:

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Brett Detar | Too Free To Live

It's been ten whole years since the initial release of the sophomore album by Brett Detar, and we are proud to unveil the final remaining copies of the first pressing. These copies are on a colorway that was never made available to the public and are bundled with a hand-written lyric sheet from Brett himself!

Limited quantities are available, order now!

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Guilt | Bardstown Ugly Box

It's unbelievable to think that we got to play even a tiny part in reissuing this classic hardcore album, so you'll just find us over here pinching ourselves endlessly...but here it is! Bardstown Ugly Box, fully remixed and remastered, pressed into some ultra limited, ultra beautiful vinyl. These will begin shipping in early May, just in time for Guilt's reunion show!

To preorder this remastered classic, simply click the button:

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Damien Done | Pray For Me

We are thrilled to announce a brand new album and lead single from the incredible Damien Done! Total Power is Done's second full length album and will be available everywhere in May of this year. For now, Decibel Magazine has the exclusive video premiere of the song Pray For Me and you can pre-save the album digitally right now. Vinyl pre-orders will begin in early May!

Check out the official music video for Pray For Me below!

Dad Hats | The Fastest Man Alive

It's a new year and we've got a new single from Dad Hats, along with some wonderful words from the folks over at Scene Point Blank. This is the second song from their forthcoming LP, Spill, which is due out on February 17th. We will begin vinyl pre-orders on February 3rd (mark your calendars!), and you can pre-save the album digitally right now.

Check out the official music video for The Fastest Man Alive below!

Dad Hats | Weather Channel

The first single from Nashville's Dad Hats is officially out, and we were even kind enough to get a fun little write-up from our friends over at Punk Rock Theory. This song comes from their forthcoming LP, Spill, which is due out on February 17th, 2023. We will begin vinyl pre-orders shortly after the new year, and you can pre-save the album digitally right now.

Check out the official music video for My Favorite Show Is The Weather Channel below!

Damien Done | To Night

We are continuing to bring the heat with another incredible release, this time in the form of a double 7" pressing of Damien Done's "To Night" EP. This version is a split release with Speedowax out of the UK and each label got 100 copies with unique artwork for both parties. This is a super fun, ultra limited way to check out this EP! Each copy is housed in a uniqe, DIY, handmade gatefold jacket, designed specifically for this limited double 7" release.

You can check out the official music video for the title track To Night over at

To preorder the vinyl version, simply click the button:

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PACK | Broke And Breathless

Broke and Breathless is the first single off of the new EP from the alt-rock supergroup PACK, and we are honored to share with you the music video today! Additionally, we are rolling out pre-orders for the vinyl version of this EP, which as all four songs packed onto a 10" record with some extraordinary screen printing on both sides of the vinyl. It's truly a sight to behold, and we can't wait for you to hold one in your hands!

On the song, Kelly Tobias (vocalist) tells us: "Broke and Breathless is largely about the the repeat cycles you find yourself in - in all types of relationships. Specifically, it’s about watching a person you love spiral into familiar behavior and doing whatever you can to break them free of it or alternatively just ride through the storm with them.

I fell in love with the initial guitar hook that Josh wrote to begin this song and it really reminds me of that frantic, desperate feeling of trying to keep someone’s feet on the ground."

You can check out the official music video for Broke and Breathless below!

You can also pre-order the vinyl versions of Buying Up All Your Grey by clicking the button:


27 | A Billion Searchlights

It's time to show off the amazing vinyl versions that we've created for the new 27 album, A Billion Searchlights! These are some of the more ambitious vinyl patterns we've done, and there was a lot of care put into the planning and the execution from our friends at Palomino Records Pressing. This first pressing is limited to only 300 copies, and we have three versions up for grabs.

You can pre-order the vinyl versions of A Billion Searchlights by clicking the button below:


The Twin | Guilt

Today, we have the second single from NYC's The Twin! It's a catchy little tune and a music video that features Shelby Flannery (The 100) who casts a deathly spell upon the heads of our beloved band. It's a fun video and a great song. Give it a view below!

You can also pre-order the vinyl versions of Dead Rose by clicking the button:


The Twin | Howl

We are so proud to share with you the debut song from The Twin! Howl is the first single from Dead Rose, which will be avaialble for preorder in the coming weeks. For now, you can enjoy the official music video below!

You can also pre-save the digital versions of Dead Rose by clicking the button:


27 | Happy The Longest Day Of The Year

Ahead of their new album, 27 have graced us with a brand new music video for their first single, titled Happy The Longest Day Of The Year. A celebration of the Summer Solstice, this new song comes at the perfect time to allow us to cherish the fact that we are coming up on the day of the year that will grace us with the most amount of sunshine! It's a love song, and we trust that you'll love it as much as we do. Check it out below!

Welcome The Twin

The amazing hits keep coming! On July 23rd, the debut album from New York's The Twin will be available on a few limited edition variants, and you already know that we are cooking up some cool stuff for it's release! The Twin features ex-members of Joshua Fit For Battle, Small Brown Bike, Able Baker Fox, Chariots and more...and this new outfit covers as much musical ground as their pedigree might suggest it should. Stay tuned for more details and for pre-order info in the coming weeks.

Welcome Juniper Youth

We keep pinching our cheeks to make sure that we are awake because it feels like a dream that we are getting to work with Juniper Youth on some upcoming vinyl projects! The first single, Full Sun will be available everyone on 5/7 and we are aiming to have some vinyl news very soon as well. Keep your eyes on our social media for even more updates as they are available.

You can pre-save the digital version of Full Sun here.

Duncan Barlow | Colony Collapse

It is with great joy that we are able to share with you that the new full length from Duncan Barlow (Guilt, By The Grace Of God, Endpoint, d.biddle, etc) is finally available for purchase! We have it pressed across three different variants with a total pressing limited to only 200 copies. Today, we also offer up the first single Le Seul Amour, which is available via all streaming services, and there is a beautiful music video to accompany it as well. The full album will be availble on April 9th, and all records should ship around that same time as well.

You can find the details of the 12" below:


Check out the music video for Le Seul Amour below:

Bad Rabbits | Stick Up Kids

Well, before we could even put together our thoughts on finally releasing a second pressing of the iconic Stick Up Kids EP, it had already sold completely out. Dang! Thanks to everyone who grabbed a copy. With such a highly anticipated release, it seemed important to put some key info right on the front page here. Read on:

Stick Up Kids FAQ

Why didn't I get an order confirmation email?

    If you got your PayPal receipt, that is your order confirmation. Getting two emails is redundant, so we don't do it.

When will my record ship?

    Orders will ship on or around 2/26. If you ordered from MerchDirect, they are aiming for the same street date, but you'll have to direct specific questions regarding your order directly to them.

Do you have any copies left? I missed out!

    We always hold onto a very small amount in case of USPS errors or damage in transit. Once everyone has receieved their copies, we will send an email and make a small social media announcement on the subject. It's not many, so we don't want to create a frenzy.

When will my Collector's Edition box set ship?

    We are making the shirts to order, so there are only as many shirts as there are box sets. This means that the box sets will likely ship after the 2/26 target date, but we will update once we have the shirts in hand and can begin to assemble them.

Can I change my shirt size?

    We've already placed the shirt order and won't have any extras. Sorry!

You can find the details of the 10" below:


usLights | Exit Scam

The brand new 7" and digital EP from Boston's usLights is officially available for preorder! The limited edition 7" record comes in two color variants that are available to the public that are pressed in 75 copies of each, and the digital version comes with a cover song of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams as a bonus. The vinyl and digital will be available everywhere on October 9th, 2020!

Pre-order the 7" below:


usLights | Exit Scam Music Video

After a couple of hiccups earlier in the year, we are proud to be finally unveiling the newest single from usLights! Titled Exit Scam, this new track embodies the dull ache that comes with the repitition of our daily grind. Wake up, work, eat, repeat.

The Exit Scam EP will be out on digital/7" later this fall! We've got some really gorgeous limited edition vinyl planned and the digital version will include a cover song of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams!

Check out the new music video below:

Serpent Servant Slave | Headless

It's time to formally welcome Serpent Servant Slave to the MOMR family!

Serpent Servant Slave is the newest musical outfit from Jesse Smith (Zao, Gods, Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost) alongside his longtime collaborator Breyer White. Today, we are excited to premiere the official music video for their debut single, Whatchu' Doin' Wanting More? which is currently available via all digital streaming sites. We also have the debut LP (titled Headless) available for preorder now. The full album will be available everywhere on 7/31/20!

Pre-order the limited edition vinyl and check out the offical music video for Whatchu Doin' Wanting More? below:


The Skulx | Danger!

The year was 2015 and The Skulx emerged as the rock outfit that we didn't know we were missing. Their eponymous debut LP had our hips swinging and our throats sore from singing along and we've been thirsty for more of their unique stylings ever since.

Thankfully, the wait is over and our boys are back with two brand new songs on a limited edition 7" vinyl! Complete with that signature trumpet-laden back beat swing that we've come to know, these two new songs are still dripping with sex and're certainly going to have these tunes stuck in your head for days!

Listen to their new single "Danger" and order up a 7"


Not Waving But Drowning | New 7"

In late 2017 and early 2018, legendary metalcore masters Not Waving But Drowning resurrected their social media and started posting some amazing throwback show posters ahead of a handful of reunion shows. They also put out a new song in 2018 that was a part of a crazy 7" compilation, and we asked them if they wanted to be a part of our 7" series...boy were we excited when they said YES!

They carved out two brand new songs for all of us, and they pick up right where the band left off previously: they're heavy, they're riffy, they're melodious, and there's just enough in these two tunes to get you pumped up but also leaves you wanting more. Hopefully this is just the beginning for what we can expect from the NWBD dudes in the future!

Listen to their new single "Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed" and order up a 7".


PACK | I'm On Fire

A few months back, we were lucky enough to have Alternative Press share the song "I'm On Fire" from PACK, and now we are very excited to share that the 7" single that bears the same name is now available for purchase!

For the uninitiated, PACK is the new alt-rock supergroup formed from current members of Zao, The Juliana Theory, and Punchline. Together, they create some incredibly slick guitar riffs matched up with infectious vocal hooks...definitely not the sound you might first expect given their collective musical pasts, but it's incredibly refreshing nonetheless.

Check it out for yourself and order the limited edition 7".


Sunndrug | Bleed Your High

We are beyond pumped to be bringing you some new music from Sunndrug! It's been nearly two years since we released Exit Wounds, but these guys spent their time wisely, honing their craft and continuing to dial in their unique blend of alt rock and electronica. Check out the Bleed Your High music video below and pre-order their new 7" now!


Pre-Order | Everything Needs Something...I Need Your Light!

The time has come. We've had the new single from Holy+Gold out into the wild for a couple of weeks and it is time to submit for your preorder the vinyl version of Everything Needs Something...I Need Your Light! You can preorder the vinyl here and you can find Poisoned Wombs at Spotify or you can watch the lyric video below.


Quick Updates

Damien Done

The Damien Done LPs are finally wrapping up at the plant and will be shipping to us early next week! Once they arrive, your copies will begin shipping right away

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

We have a brand new 7" EP from Mike Adams At His Honest Weight that is available in the store right now! These are also done at the plant and will be shipping right around the release date of 4/21. Check out the live version of "Turn Our Love Around" - the A Side from the EP - right below, and click here to snag a copy of the 7" as well.

Damien Done - Charm Offensive

The time has come! We've got a third single from Charm Offensive, the debut full-length from Damien Done. The vinyl and digital will be availble worldwide on 3/2! Check out "Who's Gonna Believe You?"

End Of The Year Announcements

It just wouldn't be right if we didn't squeeze in just ooooone more great announcement here at the tail end of the year. Okay...maybe it's actually two announcements. Oops!


We announced on social media last week that the Boston indie-rock group 27 has officially joined the MOMR roster! Today, we are pleased to make available their new 7" single, Innocent Lovers. You can find that right here!

Seven Inch Of The Month Club

The aforementioned 7" release from 27 also kick starts our first ever Seven Inch Of The Month Club for 2018. It's pretty much what it sounds like: we have a 7" single slated for each month of the entire year, starting in January! Of course, there is a bit more to it than that (including some insane bands that are taking place), so you should read all about that right here!

Stay safe with all of your holiday activities and thanks for all of your support here in 2017. Here's to 2018!

7 Inch Club

Damien Done - Stay Black EP

We were fortunate enough to grab a few import copies of Damien Done's Stay Black EP as well as the 7" that was released alongside it featuring 2 brand new songs (3 if you're counting the bonus download-only track) and we've got copies in the store. We also put together a little bundle with the Curious Thing EP if you want to snag all three!

Sunndrug - Exit Wounds

There were a few leftover pieces from Sunndrug's recent tour, and we've just put them up in our webstore! There was a tour edition of Exit Wounds that was limited to only 25 copies and we've got 4 of them up for grabs along with a new shirt style. Quantities are limited for both!

Damien Done Music Video

Well, we've done a bad job at keeping this page updated, but we've got a brand new music video for Damien Done, but you passed that on the way in, didn't you? We've also got the preorders for the "Curious Thing b/w Primitive" 7" EP up for grabs. The B-Side is a cover of Killing Joke's "Primitive" and is exclusive to this 7" release.

This EP will be available digitally on 9/8 and we expect the records to ship on or around that date as well!

If you've ordered a copy of the Bad Rabbits "American Nightmare" 2xLP, they are shipping currently so expect updates to your tracking info!

Sunndrug - Denial

If you've followed any of our social media accounts, you know that we are FULLY stoked to be working with Virginia Beach's Sunndrug - this new outfit is comprised of ex-members from Spitfire and Norma Jean, just to name a few.

We've got the new single streaming on the front page (surely you saw it on the way in?), and if you haven't heard the first tune from their debut LP Exit Wounds, it's called "Denial" and here is the official video for it.

Juliana Theory's Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat

The front page pretty much says it all! It's been in the works for what feels like an eternity, but the Deluxe Vinyl Reissue of The Juliana Theory's Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat is finally going to see the light of day! Preorders begin on Saturday 7/16, and mailing list members will get first grabs. Expect that email to go out on Thursday night! Thanks for the love.