Glassfield - Leave A Light On 12 INCH

Glassfield Leave A Light On

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Our good friends in Glassfield have cooked up a full length album that packs a whopping punch and features their new vocalist TJ Miller (known for his time spent in Still Remains). They self-produced and self-released this LP and we are happy to bring it to you as a distro album alongside their other EPs!

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Ryan Harig (Guitar) writes this about Leave A Light On: Recorded this summer at Electrical Audio with Taylor Hales, mixed by my frequent contributor in music and life Joshua St Moblo, mastered at Parachute Mastering; this is a loud monster.

I wanna say too, this is a dark and heavy record but also one with a sense of purpose and light at the end of it. I never thought it possible to go so dark on something but in the case of LALO it works.

It would never have sounded as intense if not for our incredible singer TJ. He brings a sense of heart and soul to this thing that it needed and elevates it sky high as does Joshua Moblo’s tear inducing vocal contributions on the title track at the end of the album. To say I’m proud and thankful of everyone involved is an understatement. Matt and Britt are my family and in this record shine so bright and so big on drums and bass duties. I wouldn’t be here without them. They are my brother and sister in rock.

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