Holy+Gold - Feral Children 2x 12 INCH

Holy+Gold Feral Children

Cat#: HG001

$13.99 USD

Before you is the debut EP from Holy+Gold, which is the Atlanta-based rock group comprised of ex-members of The Chariot & Norma Jean. The Feral Children EP was self-released by the band, and these are some of the final remaining copies of the first vinyl pressing.

Holy+Gold will be featured in our 2018 Seven Inch Of The Month Club, and there should be plenty more new H+G music on the horizon as well!

PLEASE NOTE: These records suffered a minor corner bump on just one edge while they were in transit to us. They were not harmed in any other way, but perfectionists may want to shy away. However, the EP still rips and the vinyl plays perfectly. Hesitate not, vinyl nerd!