Coffin Problem/Glassfield - Split Test Pressing 7 INCH

Coffin Problem/Glassfield Split Test Pressing

Cat#: MOM032Test

$29.99 USD

For the test pressing of this tremendously underrated split 7", we utilized a split-fountain screen printing technique to swirl between a green and dark yellow, making each copy totally unique. Each jacket was cut and glued by hand and then numbered out of 15 copies!

Coffin Problem's side explores more of the brooding side of things, plodding along at a menacing Jason Vorhees-behind-the-blond-at-the-abandoned-summer-camp pace. The tones are minor and the lyrics work pretty quickly to remind us of our impending doom.

Glassfield explore a little bit further into the post-punk arena that they hinted at during portions of Unwrought Atlas, but that is not to say that their contribution fails at bringing us a few slick riffs along with some haunting atmosphere along the way.

While the Glassfield half seems a little more "upbeat," don't be fooled: this EP isn't leaving much on the table for celebration, as it is a dark place that we are living in currently & this EP reflects that fully.

One lucky person to preorder between now and 4/7 will receive a test pressing of this 7" which features screen printed artwork and is hand-numbered! Additionally, the first 20 orders will also get a free copy of the Unwrought Atlas EP free of charge!

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses
  • 220 Coke Bottle Blue