Mike Adams At His Honest Weight - Turn Our Love Around/Stay, Too Test Pressing 7 INCH

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight Turn Our Love Around/Stay, Too Test Pressing

Cat#: MOM044Test

$29.99 USD

To continue to celebrate the amazing artwork done by Seth Scantlan for this release, we turned it into a unique two color screen print on pink French Paper. The bottom layer is a split-fountain with white and light blue, and each copy is one-of-a-kind. After the printing was done, we cut and glued them together entirely by hand and numbered them out of 15 copies!

The first time we met Mike, he was the frontman of the now defunct husband&wife and they were performing with Lights At Sea in Grand Rapids, MI. We fell in love and were fortunate enough to release Dark Dark Woods (the sophomore LP from husband&wife) on vinyl early on in the MOMR catalogue. After husband&wife disbanded, Mike marched forward with Mike Adams At His Honest Weight - a full-band, lo-fi, fuzzed out indie-pop group - and has already amassed an impressive amount of releases.

We never stopped loving Mike's lovely croon, and we've eagerly scooped up every release he's done to date, so imagine our joy when he agreed to take part in our lovely 7" single series!

These are two brand new songs from the outfit, and they fit perfectly in line with their past releases; the hooks are catchy, the melodies are perfect, and you just won't be able to help from tapping your foot along with both sides of this EP! The artwork was done by a fellow subscriber, Seth Scantlen, and he even screen printed a wonderful little vellum slip that goes over the front cover, giving this one an extra special little touch!

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses
  • 50 Clear w/ Black & White Marble (Subscription Exclusive Color)
  • 75 Opaque Marbled Pink
  • 75 Clear w/ Red Swirls