Damien Done - Cover Songs Test Pressing 7 INCH

Damien Done Cover Songs Test Pressing

Cat#: MOM045Test

$29.99 USD

As a part of our Seven Inch Of The Month series, Damien Done graced us with some intense and haunting cover songs. This version is a test press edition with alternate artwork, hand numbered out of 15 copies.

They say that bad things always come in threes. Well, Damien Done is no exception to this rule! First, we had the Curious Thing 7 inch, followed by the Charm Offensive LP, and now we have two cover songs to cap off this unholy streak of terror.

These two songs were culled from intimate bedroom recordings, and the first track, Everybody Loves You (When You're Dead) was originally recorded by the band Cop Shoot Cop and the B Side is a Randy Newman cover titled Pretty Boy. These two tracks are sparse and minimal and serve as the perfect bookend to this trilogy of releases.

This is the fourth release of our inaugural Seven Inch Of The Month Club, so the most limited variant (out of 50 copies) is reserved for those who subscribed to receive all 12 of the 7 inches.

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Pressings
  • 10 Transparent Gold
  • 50 Clear w/ Black & White Marble (Subscription Exclusive Color)
  • 65 Transparent Gold w/ Black Splatter
  • 75 Coke Bottle w/ Black Swirl