Sunndrug - Bleed Your High/Collider Test Pressing 7 INCH

Sunndrug Bleed Your High/Collider Test Pressing

Cat#: MOM050Test

$29.99 USD

An elaborate test press edition from the most recent single from Sunndrug, featuring a 3 color screen print housed in a hand-made jacket. There is a dark gray base layer, followed by a black and a metallic gold layer, all on thick white stock. Each copy is hand numbered out of 15 copies.

It's been nearly two full years since the release of Exit Wounds, the phenomenal debut LP from Virginia Beach's Sunndrug, and the wait has been excruciating! However, with the release of this brand new EP, it's clear that this time was well-spent crafting their unique blend of alternative rock and subtle electronics to further set them apart in the musical arena.

The A-Side features the new single Bleed Your High, which is "heavy" in a way that only Sunndrug can execute. It has a technical rhythm pumping through the entire song that really comes crashing together at the chorus where the drums and guitars align beautifully under the vocals. Meanwhile, the B-Side, Collider, is one of the most accessible songs that the group has written to date. It's catchy, so be ready for it to be stuck in your head immediately after the first listen!

These two tracks are but a taste of things to come, as the band is working on wrapping up their sophomore LP for a release in the near future. Though this EP is short and sweet, hopefully it will help tide you over while we wait for LP2!

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses
  • 1 Yellow/Black/Clear Swirl
  • 1 Transparent Orange
  • 1 Clear
  • 1 Yellow w/ Black Splatter
  • 50 Clear w/ Black & White Marble (Subscription Exclusive Color)
  • 75 Transparent Gold w/ White Swirl
  • 75 Clear w/ Black Splatter

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