Zao/Yashira - Hide From The Light/Led To Ache Test Pressing 7 INCH

Zao/Yashira Hide From The Light/Led To Ache Test Pressing

Cat#: MOM051Test

$49.99 USD

An elaborate test press edition for the now out of print Zao/Yashira split. Featuring a three color screen print on black board, these have a detailed dark gray print topped with a white and silver ink. Each jacket was hand-crafted into a sealed jacket and hand-numbered out of 15 copies.

Talk about a doozy of a release.

Here we have the legendary Zao backed with their friends Yashira! These two played some shows together earlier in the year, and when presented with doing this was a no-brainer!

The Zao contribution is a straight-forward banger. It's a touch over 3 minutes and it hits all of the major marks that we've come to want/desire from the band: Dan's tortured and visceral screams with a touch of Scott's singing vocals behind it and a pummeling rhythm section behind it all. It's a bruiser, for sure.

If you aren't familiar with Yashira yet, this new track is a great introduction, as these guys do an effortless blend of post-metal and doom and this track fits in perfectly after their release of Shrine earlier this year on Good Fight Music. It's atmospheric and haunting, all while maintaining some serious heaviness to it. Unfortunately, not long after completing this release, Yashira's drummer Seth Howard passed away after a tragic car accident. Please take a minute to support their efforts directly, as Seth left behind a family and many loved ones who are still coping with their loss. RIP Seth, you are missed.

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses
  • 1 Transparent Purple
  • 1 Transparent Red
  • 3 Transparent Green
  • 65 Clear w/ Black & White Marble (Subscription Exclusive Color)
  • 102 Transparent Green w/ Black Swirl (Good Fight Music Exclusive Color)
  • 100 Opaque Grey
  • 223 Transparent Red w/ Black Swirl
  • 250 Transparent Blue w/ White Swirl