Damien Done - Baby, Don't Hearse Me 11 INCH

Damien Done Baby, Don't Hearse Me

Cat#: MOM061

$15.99 USD

Next up from Damien Done, we have a killer (and totally unique) 11" record. You read that correctly: ELEVEN INCHES. This one is limited and super fun.

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These are love songs for the rest of us.

Damien Done is back with three new tantalizing tracks which take us on a rocky trip through desire, the challenges of keeping promises, attempting to be the ideal lover, seeking affection, and even black market organ theft.

Picking up right where Charm Offensive left off, these new songs are upbeat rockers that follow a similar vein of thought. It's dark, haunting, and somehow catchy as hell despite the creepy undertones of the songs. These three songs pack a punch and there is no filler to be found on this quick romp of an EP.

This is a one-time-only pressing of only 200 copies. These three songs span the a-side of the record while the b-side was preserved for a screen printed design. It's an odd-sized record, so every component of this release is custom, including the screen printed insert and the amazing album art layout. This is sure to be a standout piece in your collection!

Pressing Information
  • 7 Test Presses
  • 199 Ultra Transparent Yellow w/ Screen Printed B-Side

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