PACK - Buying Up All Your Grey 10 INCH

PACK Buying Up All Your Grey

Cat#: MOM063

$19.99 USD

PACK has returned with four brand new tracks and an amazingly beautiful piece of vinyl to house them all. The songs are incredible and you don't have anything like this one in your collection!

PLEASE NOTE: These records are in hand and shipping immediately!

When the almighty PACK let us know that they had four new tracks that were ready to go, we were excited before we heard a note. Immediately upon the guitars crashing in for the main riff on Broke & Breathless, we knew that we were in for a treat. These four songs pack a major punch and certainly leave you craving more!

Effortlessly toeing the line between foot-stomping, guitar/riff-driven rock and eloquent mid-tempo jams, this EP runs the gamut. Floating above it all are Kelly Tobias' saccharine vocals, delivering hook after hook. Every single song digs its claws into your ear and stays with you well after the end!

For the physical side of things, we really ramped things up. With artwork skillfully created by Nate Utesch, we were able to execute something never before seen: each record is screen printed on both the A Side of the record, and the B Side. The lacquers for Buying Up All Your Grey were cut at Lucky Lacquers, and we added a locked groove after the 2nd song on either side. This allowed us to create additional dead space between the center label and the grooves to apply additional artwork. From there, Utesch's unique design was hand-printed here at MOMR with stunning results. The screen printing and artwork in no way impacts the playback of the record, and it looks amazing while it spins!

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses
  • 150 Marbled Blue w/ Screen Printed A & B Side
  • 150 Transparent Dark Purple w/ Screen Printed A & B Side

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