27 - A Billion Searchlights 12 INCH

27 A Billion Searchlights

Cat#: MOM064

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What does the world need after some of the most challenging years in recent memory? A new album from 27 to serve as a proverbial balm for our wounds! These new songs are brimming with optimism and give the listener a glimpse into something great that we can all look forward to.

The year was 2018, and we had just convinced the almighty and formidable 27 to partake in our first ever Seven Inch Of The Month Club, and they kicked off the entire series with a brand new tune titled Innocent Lovers. Along with this song came the news that the band were working on a new batch of songs that would become their first proper album since 2010's Brittle Divinity. While we were elated to work with them on a new single, imagine our joy when they asked if we wanted to take on this new full length as well! Of course, we did not hesitate.

A Billion Searchlights is the first 27 full length album to include Maria's sister Terri Christoper (Vardlokk, Dusty Skull, Phantom Glue) on drums, as well as Adam McGrath (Cave In, Wear Your Wounds, Nomad Stones) on guitar. In addition, the opening track Arms Of A Mother (Keep Going) features performances and production from Alex Rose a.k.a. Nightblind (Minus The Bear), who even lent a hand to the updated version of Innocent Lovers that you’ll hear on this LP. The artwork has another Minus The Bear connection, as it was intricately hand painted by the colorful Cory Murchy.

A Billion Searchlights was written and recorded over a handful of years, and was wrapped up in early 2020. However, the timing felt all wrong for an album with as much to celebrate as this one, so we held off for brighter days! Now that it feels like the sun is rising once more, we can put our searchlights away and find the strength to Keep Going.

The vinyl features some of the most intricate patterns we've done to date, all tying back to art or lyrical themes. The "Searchlight" variant will be exclusive to the MOMR store and not available through any stores or distros.

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses
  • 1 Clear w/ White Swirl
  • 1 Opaque Dark Blue w/ White Splatter
  • 7 Off-Center 'Searchlight' (Friends & Family Only)
  • 94 'Searchlight' Variant - Opaque Dark Blue w/ Single White Splatter
  • 95 'Deep Ocean Eyes' Variant - Transparent Teal w/ White Swirl
  • 100 'Keep Going' Rainbow Splatter

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