Damien Done - To Night 2x7 INCH

Damien Done To Night

Cat#: MOM065

$19.99 USD

At long last, we are bringing you the vinyl version of Damien Done's most recent digital EP, titled To Night. This was done in conjunction with Speedowax out of the great United Kingdom, with 100 copies on either side of the Atlantic. Each label has their own variant of the artwork and this pressing includes a bonus track not previously available digitally upon the EP's release.

PLEASE NOTE: These are in hand and shipping immediately!

In our quest to find the most challenging ways to listen to a Damien Done release, we've opted to press these four songs across a double seven inch release, with one song on each side of each record. Two flips and a record change to be able to soak this bad boy in. However, we've also laced it up in the only way that we know how: with a totally custom, handmade, gatefold jacket to hold them all in place!

This being a co-release with Speedowax Records, there are only 200 total copies and we've split them between both labels. We made sure to hold onto a few copies of each others' versions so that folks on both sides of the pond can choose between variants without the insane shipping costs.

Due to this split, there are less than 100 copies up for grabs here via Mind Over Matter, and this is strictly a one-time pressing. If you're into cassettes, there is a slick tape version of this release available via Contraband Goods

Pressing Information
  • 5 Test Presses
  • 100 Opaque Dark Brown (Side A & B)
  • 100 Metallic Silver (Side A & B)
  • 200 Opaque Forest Green (Side C & D)

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