Guilt - Bardstown Ugly Box 12 INCH + 7 INCH

Guilt Bardstown Ugly Box

Cat#: MOM068

$25.99 USD

It's unbelievable to fathom that this monster of an album is somehow already 28 years old. Thanks to an amazing remix/remaster along with two bonus tracks, it feels & sounds as fresh and groundbreaking as it did upon its original release. Bardstown Ugly Box was the album that launched a million hardcore-centric groups and pushed the boundaries to allow space for the scene to grow into what we know and adore today. We are honored that Guilt trusted us with this masterpiece, and we hope you enjoy revisiting it as much as we are!

PLEASE NOTE: We are working on a second pressing that should be available soon. Stay tuned for additional details!

The re-envisioned version of Bardstown Ugly Box that you see/hear before you was painstakingly created over the course of multiple years, with the band working closely with Steve Evetts (mixing engineer) and Brian Luken (mastering engineer) to ensure that the source audio was properly updated and that nothing was compromised in the process. The end result is incredible, breathing new life into a classic record. Longtime fans will find that it is akin to hearing the album for the very first time while folks who are new to the legacy of Guilt will be blown away by the power of these songs put to tape nearly 3 decades earlier.

The addition of two bonus tracks allowed us the space to add an extra record into the world, and we opted to press them onto a standalone seven inch. This way, purists can continue to enjoy Bardstown Ugly Box as they've always known it and everyone gets the opportunity to hear previously unavailable tracks separate from the original track listing.

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses
  • 1 Solid Orange
  • 52 Black
  • 76 Coke Bottle Clear w/ Maroon & White Splatter
  • 77 Opaque Orange w/ Black Swirl
  • 202 Opaque Light Brown Seven Inches
Guilt · Theta

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