Dad Hats Spill (Release Show Version)

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To make the party a little bit cooler, we made an alternate cover variant of Spill specifically for the album release show in Nashville on February 23rd. There are 25 copies of this cover art available and those 25 were spread evenly amongst all of the vinyl variants. We held back a very small amount of these for folks who couldn't be in attendance at the show. Enjoy!

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Dad Hats is a four-piece rock outfit from Nashville, Tennessee, whose music oozes "indie rock charm mixed with the grit of upbeat pop-punk" ( Their sophomore release, Spill, comes complete with earworm guitar riffs, locomotor rhythms, and lyrics that are equal parts poignant and self-deprecating, perfect for fans of The Wonder Years, early Fall Out Boy or The Menzingers

Tyler Coleman (guitar), Joe Halberstadt (drums), Nate Sorg (guitar), and Craig Turner (vocals/bass) harness the sound of parties you barely remember and embarrassing memories you kinda wish you could forget.

For the physical release of Spill, we present our usual beautiful color variants packaged inside of a reverse board jacket, each one adorned with a screen printed image unique to the variant. We printed these little canvases on French Paper by hand here at MOMR and then affixed them to the jacket one at a time. It's a fun little pop of flair to an incredible release!

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses
  • 1 Solid Opaque Purple
  • 1 Baby Blue Swirl & Purple Merge
  • 1 Transparent Swamp Blue
  • 52 Opaque Green w/ Black & Purple Swirl
  • 74 Baby Blue w/ White Swirl
  • 75 Opaque Purple w/ Pink & Green Splatter
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