Her Head's On Fire - College Rock and Clove Cigarettes / Split Bundle 12 INCH + 7 INCH

Her Head's On Fire College Rock and Clove Cigarettes / Split Bundle

Cat#: MOM073Bundle

$26.99 USD

We've got a slick bundle pulled together to highlight the incredible duo of releases from Her Head's On Fire last year, combined at a discounted rate! This is the best way to snag both of these items together, but if you're looking for the full length by itself, you should head over here and you can pick up the split seven inch with Pilot To Gunner over here.

PLEASE NOTE: These records are in hand and shipping immediately!

When Her Head's On Fire (featuring members of Saves The Day, Garrison and Small Brown Bike) released their debut LP College Rock & Clove Cigarettes via Iodine Recordings last year ahead of their split 7" with Pilot To Gunner, we knew right away we had to find a way to offer up both of these killer releases together! In partnership with our friends over at Iodine, we have successfully managed to do exactly that right here.

The good news is that not only do we have both of these items in one place for easy ordering, we are able to discount them a bit as well. Quantities are limited, however, so we would recommend that you make haste on this tasty deal!

12 Inch Pressing Information
  • 250 x Burn (Neon Swirl/Splatter)
  • 250 x Lexicon (Magenta/Black Smash)
7 Inch Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses
  • 100 Opaque Brown w/ White Splatter
  • 100 Opaque Baby Blue w/ White Splatter
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