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Damien Done Total Power

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After a series of singles, EPs, and oddball vinyl releases, Damien Done is back with their sophomore full length album. Total Power is the culmination of all of the influences that make up DONE, careening between goth club bangers and the minimal brooding slow burners we've come to expect from the group.

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In stark contrast with 2020's To Night EP - a full-band recording with a massive, live sound - Total Power easily volleys between dark, goth-tinged rockers and minimal, electronic tracks; serving densely-layered synths and returning brooding new wave. The result is dynamic and unfolding, finding Damien Done's point of view fully realized, expressed boldly & with sophistication.

The series of EPs and singles that have led us to Total Power might first serve as contrast to the sonic disparity of the LP at hand, further listens reveal that they were simply a black-robed dress rehearsal for the maddening final show. The subject matter across Total Power covers self-abuse, murder, addiction, and unrequited love, often from the point of view of the antagonist. This lurid perspective offers a bone-chilling edge, even among the most upbeat songs on the album.

The physical pressing of this LP includes hand screen printed spot gloss to highlight the artwork details without taking away from the stark and gorgeous photography on the cover. It must be seen to understand how incredible it looks and feels!

In the grips of Total Power, we look to the skies...but never to pray.

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