Shadyside - Higher Plans 12 INCH

Shadyside Higher Plans

Cat#: MOM079

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The triumphant return of Ohio's Shadyside is upon us! Crashing back into our lives with 5 new songs, the unsung Midwestern heroes find themselves with a sound that is refined but still draws on the raw emotion and punk ethos from their prior releases. Nearly 20 years in the making, Higher Plans is a sonic treat accompanied by some of the wildest packaging options we've put together yet!

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What's that saying about loving something and setting it free and it coming back later? Well, in the mid '00s, Ohio's Shadyside set vocalist Michael Malarkey free to pursue studies at a prestigious London acting school. After two decades, and a wildly successful stage and television career (Vampire Diaries, Law and Order: Organized Crime, Westworl, Project Bluebook, etc.), he returned.

Formed in 1999, Shadyside cut a few demo tracks and some rough EPs while fleshing out their core lineup before adding Malarkey to the group in 2003. With their new vocalist secured, the band (rounded out by Vincent-Ryan Arceo on bass, Dave Brandenburg on drums, Adrian Grant on keys & guitar, Charles Heck on guitar & vocals, and Wendell Hensley on guitar & vocals) began to develop some momentum with a new EP that featured a more polished and refined sound. This trajectory took a pause when Malarkey shipped off to London, but the band stayed close. In 2017, a pact was made to make new music once more, and the pandemic provided the perfect platform to make good on that promise.

These new demos that were put to tape in 2020 became the foundation for Higher Plans, the EP before us. Recorded by Pat Himes at Reel Love Recording Studio and mixed/mastered by Grammy nominated producer Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios, these new tracks remind us that the future is unwritten...but the band clearly has higher plans.

The physical release of this EP is contained on a 12" record which features highly unique details; truly one of a kind record. A highly limited number of these records are die-cut with "bubbles" that go through the entire outer edge of the record, while others are screen printed with the same bubble effect on both sides of the record...all wihout impacting the playback of the music. The jacket features hand-printed spot gloss and other custom details - truly a sight to behold.

Pressing Information
  • 31 Test Presses
  • 50 Transparent Silver w/ Die Cut Bubbles
  • 100 Iridescent Blue w/ Screen Printed Bubbles