Metavari - Symmetri 12 INCH

Metavari Symmetri

Cat#: OWS020

$20.99 USD - $22.99 USD

For Record Store Day in 2017, Metavari released an epic new score to the silent film Metropolis. It was spread across a double LP, and it was fantastic! Symmetri is the full length album based on the themes of the Metropolis soundtrack, manufactured on a much broader scale, and now available here via MOMR!

The jacket is this gorgeous reverse board stock with a die-cut center, allowing the center label of the record itself to complete the artwork fully. There was only a small amount pressed on colored vinyl, and these are some of the final copies (and we don't have many!).

Metavari will also be featured in our 2018 Seven Inch Of The Month Club, gracing us with a split release alongside Makeup & Vanity Set, who happens to have a remix that is included in a very hefty digital download on this LP!

Pressing Information
  • 300 Half Clear & Half Blue
  • ??? Black

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