Spitfire - Spitfire Wolf Slipmat

Spitfire Spitfire Wolf Slipmat

Cat#: SpitfireSlipmat

$10.00 USD

It's essential that you get some new fashion items to adorn your turntable along with the incredible Spitfire re-issue! Taken directly from the album artwork, this slipmat is designed to not only protect your records and absorb vibrations for maximum audio fidelity, it also will make you look at least 72% more badass while you're not playing a record. Without debate, you NEED this. As a side note, we only made 50 of these total, and 30 of them are included with the deluxe edition of Cult Fiction!

Make sure to check out the limited edition vinyl pressing of Cult Fiction, which you can find right here!

PLEASE NOTE: "Economy" shipping is media mail for CDs/Vinyl only - Please make sure that you choose Standard or Priority for apparel shipping. Thanks!

It feel surreal for us to be offering up this merch item along with the vinyl re-issue of Cult Fiction, we've put a lot of time and energy into making this an incredible outing for fans both old and new!

Thank you for the support .

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