One last run before the end of the year! We're coming in hot with the debut LP from The Skulx! We've got a little preview on the order page that you can find right here, but we highly suggest that you stop and check out the full album stream that is being premiered over at New Noise - you can find that right here.

If you like the new single (and you're quick on the draw), we've got just a handful of the limited edition lathe cuts that we made for each of the three singles in the store right now! Better hurry, those won't make it through the day.


Preorders are live for the new Metavari 7 inch! The packaging on these are coming out insane (and beautiful) and we will be tossing some photos up on our social media throughout the weekend. For now, scope out the new song and then pick up a copy!


Let's all take a minute to welcome Indiana's electro/pop superstars Metavari to the MOMR family! Their self-released LP "Moonless" from 2014 was a top contender for AOTY last year, and these two new tracks are just as captivating and soulful as anything you've heard previously from them. If you haven't picked up Moonless yet, stop screwing around and make it happen!

This new 7 inch EP will be available digitally and physically on September 11th & preorders will be up soon!


Hopefully you stopped to check out the new Greenland Is Melting song on your way in! Of course, you were wondering why you couldn't order it just yet...well, the preorders go live on Monday 3/2! The records are all in-hand and we full expect that these will be on your doorstep on or before the street date of 3/16.


You passed it on the way in, but we have a couple of preorders that will be starting up this Friday at midnight PST: WIFE "Pipe Candy" & the estates/Our Lady split 7in

Make sure to stream the featured tracks and put a few bucks into your PayPal accounts!


Is your body ready for a new Our Lady track? Look no further!


After many months of pressing plant delays, we are excited to finally get some preorders rolling for "II" by Our Lady! The ordering will go live at midnight PST tonight and there will be two color variants available: mint green and opaque pink. There will also be a limited number of bundles available where you can pick up both color options at a slightly discounted price.

As always, anyone who preorders will be placed in a drawing and will receive a test pressing of "II" which features alternate, screen printed artwork and is numbered out of 15 copies!


Our Lady "II" is coming quick. Tests are approved.

For those in the cheap seats, we have also added our friends in Cadaver Dogs to the MOMR roster - their new LP "Too Much" will be available later this summer as well. Check out their new tune below.


We put up some not-so-subtle hints on our FB and Twitter pages this morning, so now let’s put a few more details out into the world about our next three releases!

OUR LADY “II” - Late last year Our Lady put out a cassette via It’s A Trap! Records simply titled “II” (which was a re-recording plus some bonus songs of an earlier release titled “Dawning”…but that gets confusing). Anyhow, these songs are KILLER. We hassled them into scraping together a bonus song that will not be available anywhere outside of this vinyl LP (not even streaming on our bandcamp)…and it’s beautiful.

Then, we decided to go ahead and re-work the track listing with this new track. Our goal was to ensure a fluid listening experience from the front to back of each side of the record. This is officially an album that was meant to be listened to exclusively on vinyl.

We had it re-mastered specifically for vinyl by Dave @ Lucky Lacquers before cutting the master lacquers and we aim to have these go up for preorder in the coming weeks!

  • 300 copies
  • 2 color variants (TBD)

Each jacket cut individually and die-cut with the “II” taken from the center, then they will be spray painted to ensure that each one is 100% unique. From there, we will screen print some additional art/info on it, glue it up and number it.

WIFE “PIPE CANDY” - Perhaps you are already familiar with this release? WIFE features Nick Steinhardt of Touche Amore fame (also the dude who designed that now-iconic Deafheaven album artwork), and is equally as brilliant and captivating in this role as he is in his others. WIFE is a two piece rounded out by Dewey Thomas, and they create lush soundscapes using only guitar and bass - no vocals, no drums.

This album was previously self-released through the band to much acclaim. Our version keeps the same level of intense detail that the band used on their version of it - plus adding a few details of our own!

  • Limited to 200 copies
  • Pressed on 180g vinyl, Half clear and half light yellow
  • Stoughton, tip-on style gatefold jackets

We added a hand-cut “spine cap” (this is pretty difficult to explain…just wait for the pictures) that will be screen printed and numbered. This piece will also help to separate it from the original release on your shelf since we used the exact same materials and plants to manufacture our version that the band used the first time around!

HARKONEN/THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES “LIKE A VIRGIN” - We are beyond excited to announce that we will be handling the vinyl version of this release! Originally released via Hydra Head Records a lifetime ago, this is the final chapter for These Arms Are Snakes in terms of their back catalogue being available on vinyl, and some of our favorite tunes from either of these bands!

  • Limited to 300 copies
  • Two color variants, TBD
  • Each jacket cut individually and screen printed
  • The record will be a single-sided 12” with a screen print on the b-side

More info will become available as we get closer to a release date - check out our FB and Twitter for even more details are they arise!

As always - thank you for your support. You are all the best!


You certainly caught it on the way in, but we are super stoked to announce two items

  1. Brett Detar has officially joined the MOMR family!
  2. The preorders for his sophomore release "Too Free To Live" has begun!

The new album is a doulble LP and is limited to 100 copies on white vinyl. We are working on something extra special for this release, so make sure to scoop up a copy before they sell out! We don't expect that these will last for very long.

As always, everyone who preorders a copy is entered to win a test pressing of the record, which is limited to only 10 copies!!! We are also cooking up some extra special stuff for the test press layout, so we will keep you updated on those. These LPs are available exclusively from Brett through a variety of bundles, and we will make sure to keep everyone updated as to when we expect them to ship!


How is it possible that it is SEPTEMBER already?!

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who has already picked up a copy of the "Vessels" 7 inch - they turned out great and we hope you're diggin' them as much as we are! There are still copies of each color available, but the lavender is going pretty quickly. Also, a quick congratulations to Tom Jamison, the winner of our test press giveaway!

There are some other great releases coming up next! Stay tuned!


The preorders for the "Vessels" 7 inch by Our Lady are currently live and ready to go! You can scoop one up over in the webstore. Limited to only 200 copies (100 of each color), so don't wait too long to secure one.

Just to keep you all in the loop, these bad boys have already been mastered and the tests have already been approved, so there is a very good likelihood that these will be in your hands before the street date - we are just being cautious in case of delays. ;-)

As always, grab a copy or two before the street date for a chance to win a test pressing!


Greetings! We certainly hope you enjoyed the new Our Lady tune on your way in! The "Vessels" 7 inch is currently en route to the pressing plant after a fantastic mastering job by Dave over at Lucky Lacquers. We will get some preorders rolling as soon as we approve the test presses & there will be two color options to choose from!

In the meantime, we have the last few (emphasis on FEW) of the special Bad Rabbits "We Can Roll" 7 inchs that were a collab with Society Clothing. We tossed them up in the webstore, so grab one before they are gone!


We are pleased to announce that we had a new addition to the MOMR family!

Springfield, Il emo-rock quintet Our Lady are gearing up for a big year. Following their 2011 release 'Scales', they have put out several short but sweet demos. With each effort they seem to peel back another layer, blending driving and eventful songs with angsty yet articulate lyrics. This time, we have the privilege of helping out an ambitious group with putting out yet another awesome 7 inch release set for summer 2013.

Their new material explores a broad dynamic and emotional range, taking listeners through peaks and valleys carved of delicate verses and hard hitting, overdriven choruses. Presently, they are planning an extensive April tour and working on material for a full length. As Our Lady wrap up their full length and continue to expand their reach, they are sure to have an exciting 2013 and beyond! Keep your eyes peeled for further updates regarding the newest 7 inch as well as tour plans!

To get a small taste of what is to come, check out the Our Lady Bandcamp page.

Our Lady


The Bad Rabbits 7 inch is nearly sold out through the band, so act fast if you're interested in getting your hands on one of those!

We also already have our next few releases in the pipeline, and we will certainly keep you updated on those as we are able. Check out our twitter for the most current info, as always!

Finally a quick mailorder update: the folks at MOMR HQ will be on a well-deserved vacation until the 19th - if you placed your order prior to noon on the 12th, it is on it's way to you! All orders received between now and the 19th will ship on or around the 20th. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for all of the support for the husband&wife and Billy Wallce LPs! But wait, we aren't done yet!

We also quietly set up Bad Rabbits with a new 7 inch single titled "We Can Roll" which is currently only available directly from the band at www.badrabbits.com - these are limited to 205 copies (with 20 little "surprises" mixed in!) and are shipping immediately. Go scoop one up before they're gone!

In the meantime, we have some great stuff in the works for 2013, so make sure to keep your ear to the ground and if you haven't listened to some of our new tunes, you can now scoop up digital versions of our entire catalogue at the Mind Over Matter Bandcamp Page. Go get some!


For those who might not have caught the FB/Twitter updates: The Billy Wallace LPs are shipping immediately, and if you have preordered, it is on it's way to you!

The husband&wife LPs had a slight delay at the plant, so we except those to be shipping early next week. If you ordered a tee, we are still printing those, so those should ship within a week or so as well.

Thanks for your support and your patience!


Happy Devil's Night! Moving quickly into our next release, we are stoked to announce that we have preorders up for the Billy Wallace & The Virginia Blues record in our webstore

As always, each preorder is entered to win a test pressing of the release (limited to 12 copies, featuring alternate artwork) and each preorder also receives a free BW&TVB can koozie!

This release is limited to 220 copies, and we had them available over the weekend at The Fest, and they're already moving quickly! Make sure to check tour dates below to grab a copy from Billy himself when they're in your neck of the woods this month as well.


The preorders for husband&wife "Dark Dark Woods" are now live! Please make sure to head over to our webstore to secure a copy. We are also offering a limited edition tee that is exclusive to this preorder and will no longer be available after December 1st. Also, any orders placed between now and December 1st is automatically entered to win a test pressing of DDW, limited to 12 copies & featuring alternate artwork!

The pressing info for Dark Dark Woods: 100 copies on white vinyl, 150 copies on opaque red vinyl, each coupled with the "Seems Like The Same Sound: Dark Dark Woods Remixed" CD built into the custom die-cut jacket!


Hey guys! We’ve been hustling over here at MOMR and are inching toward an official pre-order date for both husband&wife and Billy Wallace and The Virginia Blues. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates as not to miss out on the opportunity of winning a test press from either artist. More info on official release dates and pre-order perks to follow.

In the time being, check out the dates below and come hang with part of the MOMR team and Billy Wallace and The Virginia Blues while we travel to The Fest in Gainesville Florida and then hit the east coast later this fall!

  • October 26th-28th - Gainesville, FL @ THE FEST 11 (Sunday @ The Atlantic)
  • November 2nd-3rd - Newport, KY @ The Southgate House Revival for IRONFEST 3
  • November 5th - Columbus, OH @ Woodlands Tavern
  • November 6th - Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar
  • November 7th - Winooski, VT @ The Monkey House
  • November 9th - Brooklyn, NY @ Freddy’s Bar
  • November 10th - Boston, MA @ Kitchen Sessions
  • November 11th - Providence, RI @ House show
  • November 13th - New York, New York @ Fontana’s
  • November 15th - Roanoke, VA @ Mountainside Cafe
  • November 16th - Richmond, VA @ Poe’s Pub
  • November 17th - Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave


Following quickly on the heels of the husband&wife LP that will be surfacing soon, we are proud to announce that we will also be working on another amazing release.

Billy Wallace first started touring the country playing music in 2004 as the singer and guitarist for the Roanoke, VA based indie-folk band, The Wading Girl and later as the bass player in Tim Barry’s backing band. In 2009, Wallace set out on his own, releasing his debut album The Road Spit Me Out, in August of the same year. It got great reviews, but no one really cared. Nevertheless, he spent the next two years on the road, crisscrossing the whole of America time and again. His new record, Tucumcari, New Mexico and Other Songs, is an account of the friends - and sometimes enemies - he made, the people he loved and lost, the highways he wrecked cars on, and the towns he got drunk in along the way. Having returned to his town of birth, The Queen City, Cincinnati, OH, Wallace recruited some pretty amazing musicians - and downright good folks - to back him up on the new record. This latest incarnation of the Virginia Blues includes Matt Hemingway (The Dopamines, Black Tie Bombers, State Song), Jon Weidenbacher (Lost Hands Found Fingers, Shivs) and Mike Saylor (Team Stray) and a host of immensely talented others.

Stay tuned for more details!




Nearly a year in the making, we are beyond excited to announce our next release! This gorgeous piece of wax will come to you courtesy of Bloomington, IL's husband&wife and is titled Dark Dark Woods. Dark Dark Woods was originally released on CD during the winter of 2009, and this spring will see it revisited in two different, unique formats. First, we will be pressing DDW in it's entirety on vinyl housed inside of a die-cut, screen printed jacket (no punches there!) but we will also be coupling this pressing with a bonus CD! The bonus CD is titled "Seems Like The Same Sound: Dark Dark Woods Remixed" in which we find the entire album completely torn apart and pieced back together in a most gorgeous reimagining by Adam Jessup - this remix is a lush, ambient and well...DARK interpretation of an already incredible album.

Take a listen to a couple of songs below and stay tuned for more details as they are available!