Mind Over Matter Records MOMR Metal Long Sleeve Tee

Cat#: MOMRTee02

$25.00 USD

This super fun design was created by our long-time friend (and former Lights At Sea drummer) Rob Burt, who drew this up for us a while ago...and we are so excited to have it brought to life for you! The design was originally created for the 2018 7" Series subscribers, and those were printed on short sleeve tees only. Given the change in weather currently, we figured it prudent to create a long sleeve version and add a fun little sleeve print featuring a new version of the MOMR logo that we affectionately refer to as Ol' Drippy.

Quick Note: These tees are currently in stock and shipping immediately. Thanks!

These tees were printed by hand, with love, here at the MOMR HQ. Hope you enoy!

Thank you for the support .

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