27 Blue Searchlight Tee

Cat#: 27Tee02

$15.00 USD

We wanted to do a new shirt design that tied back to the stunning artwork designed by wonderful Cory Murchy, so we put together this wonderful "searchlight" imagery, similar to that found on the center labels of the LP. It's a soft two-color design printed on a modern unisex blank.

Make sure to check out the limited edition vinyl pressing of A Billion Searchlights, which you can find right here!

Quick Note: These tees are currently in stock and shipping immediately. Thanks!

These tees were printed by hand, with love, here at the MOMR HQ. They were printed on Next Level Apparel vintage style tri-blend tees. These are ultra soft and sure to be the coziest shirt you own.

Thank you for the support .

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