Metavari - Oh Diane 7 INCH

Metavari Oh Diane

Cat#: MOM023

$6.99 USD

Metavari is Indiana's best kept secret...for now. Playing a beautiful and soulful mix of electronica and synth-pop while also layering in lush instrumental soundscapes, they have crafted some of the best soundtracks of your life. Soundtracks to laying under a warm, starry night that is.

Oh Diane is the follow-up to their 2014 LP Moonless, and it follows quickly in the footsteps of the sounds that they established during those sessions. For this EP, they are giving a very heavy nod to David Lynch and paying homage to the TV show that has spawned decades of cult fanaticism: Twin Peaks

From the aural impact to the lyrics to the art, this entire release is themed directly fromt the TV show itself! In fact, even within the physical packaging, there are hidden motifs and secrets to be found! We went all in on this release for the physical packaging, as we've tucked away some cool easter eggs throughout the artwork, we hand-wrapped the seven inch jacket to make it an ultra thick tip-on style mini-LP before encasing the whole thing in a hand-wrapped vellum slip cover. It is hefty and yet somehow luxurious. You certainly don't have anything else like it in your collection!

While supplies last: orders will come with two bonus screen prints! One created by Nate Utesch (Metavari) and the other by Mat Franklin (Cadaver Dogs/The Skulx)

Pressing Information
  • 16 Test Presses
  • 110 White
  • 109 Black

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