Duncan Barlow - Nietzschean Holiday Test Pressing 7 INCH

Duncan Barlow Nietzschean Holiday Test Pressing

Cat#: MOM054Test

$29.99 USD

The test press edition of Nietzschean Holiday had two different versions, including both small and large center holes. We hand printed artwork on two different color stock, co-opting some of the tiny details from the original artwork to create a very on-the-nose holiday theme. Each one was also cut, folded and glued together before being fully assembled and hand-numbered out of 15 copies.

We are pleased to wrap up our 7 inch vinyl series with the prolific Duncan Barlow! Duncan is known for his time in Endpoint and By The Grace Of God, but these new songs explore a softer side of the emotive music he's known for. These songs were written for those who don't always find something to celebrate, or for those who might feel a little bit alienated by all of the "holiday spirit."

While these songs might sonically differ from his previous output, Duncan Barlow continues to find his own unique voice as a singer-songwriter through his use of eclectic instrumentation and poignant lyrics

Duncan also has a full length solo LP titled Colony Collapse, and these two songs were written and recorded just ahead of his long player, specifically designed to be the endcap to our series, contributing a one-of-a-kind take on the time-weathered tradition of holiday music.

Pressing Information
  • 2 Test Presses (Large Hole)
  • 15 Test Presses (Small Hole)
  • 1 Transparent Coke Bottle
  • 6 Clear & Coke Bottle w/ Red & White Swirl
  • 50 Clear w/ Black & White Marble (Subscription Exclusive Color)
  • 69 Coke Bottle w/ White Swirl
  • 75 Opaque Red

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