Dad Hats - My Favorite Show Is The Weather Channel 7 INCH

Dad Hats My Favorite Show Is The Weather Channel

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You are looking at the remaining copies of a super limited 7" lathe cut that we created for the Dad Hats record release show for Spill. We created these 7"s to celebrate the lead single, My Favorite Show Is The Weather Channel, and each one was cut by hand before being screen printed on the b-side here at MOMR. We also printed, cut and assembled all of the jackets by hand as well! This item is strictly limited to 30 total copies, and each one is numbered.

Dad Hats is a four-piece rock outfit from Nashville, Tennessee, whose music oozes "indie rock charm mixed with the grit of upbeat pop-punk" ( Their sophomore release, Spill, comes complete with earworm guitar riffs, locomotor rhythms, and lyrics that are equal parts poignant and self-deprecating, perfect for fans of The Wonder Years, early Fall Out Boy or The Menzingers

Tyler Coleman (guitar), Joe Halberstadt (drums), Nate Sorg (guitar), and Craig Turner (vocals/bass) harness the sound of parties you barely remember and embarrassing memories you kinda wish you could forget.

My Favorite Show Is The Weather Channel was the first single taken from the long player Spill, which was originally released in November of 2022. We wanted to celebrate the first single from this incredible album, and we wanted to unveil it at the record release show in Nashville on February 23rd. We held a small handful of copies back for folks who couldn't be in attendance, so this will be your last chance to grab a copy of this for yourself!

Pressing Information
  • 30 Clear Lathe Cuts w/ Screen Printed B-Side
Mind Over Matter Records ยท Dad Hats - My Favorite Show Is The Weather Channel

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