Dad Hats Dad Hats Spill Cover Tee

Cat#: SpillTee

$15.00 USD

Don't be sad like Party Boy...get yourself a Dad Hats tee to hold you close even if no one else will.

Using a bit of artwork taken from the newest LP, we took a slightly different approach on the style/fit of this shirt than we normally do, aiming for something that has a bit of a different feel than the usual slim-fitting tee that we print on. This one has a front & a back hit. It's simple, yet elegant. Enjoy!

Make sure to check out the limited edition vinyl pressing of Spill, which you can find right here!

Quick Note: These tees are currently in stock and shipping immediately. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: "Economy" shipping is media mail for CDs/Vinyl only - Please make sure that you choose Standard or Priority for apparel shipping. Thanks!

These tees were printed by hand, with love, here at the MOMR HQ. They were printed on Comfort Colors brand tee, so they have a bit more of a "vintage" feel to them and are a little looser in their fit.

Thank you for the support .

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